ALPHA OMEGA Management And TOVAR Music Group Announcing Worldwide Partnership!



ALPHA OMEGA Management is extremely delighted to announce that TOVAR Music Group (aka TMG, led by John Tovar, former long time manager of MARILYN MANSON) and ALPHA OMEGA Management have merged forces for a global partnership!

ALPHA OMEGA Management‘s General Manager Alex Azzali stated:
“We couldn’t be happier to announce the worldwide partnership with TOVAR Music Group, welcoming John Tovar and his “right hand” Eyal Perelmuter to our Alpha Omega Team! John is well-known for his long and impressive career in the music business. Since our first contact, the synergy between our entities was clear, we share the same idea that the concept of collaboration instead of competition is the winning key of band management. We are convinced that our alliance will bring incredible things to all the bands in both rosters and our future projects!”

John Tovar, TOVAR Music Group CEO and Founder adds:
“I’ve been thinking about one single word that could capture what I feel today… in all fairness I will write two, VERY EXCITED! That is precisely how I feel about joining the Alpha Omega Management Team. Haven’t felt this pumped up since my days with Marilyn Manson!”

More about TOVAR:
John Tovar has been in the music business more than 35 years. The music is in the DNA of the Tovar family. The experiences gave him the ear for true talents, who have become extremely successful international acts, regardless of their musical styles.

Some say that his greatest achievements were to find, develop and signing artist that have become gold, platinum and Grammy award winning stars,…
***Marilyn Manson (Interscope Records) 55+ million album sold worldwide
***The Mavericks (MCA Universal); 4 gold albums 3 platinum albums
***Nuclear Valdez (Sony Epic); highly praised and critically acclaimed very successful in Europe
***Expose’ (Arista) Platinum and Gold albums
***Santos Renuentes (Sony Latin). critically acclaimed and very successful in Mexico
***The Goods (Island)

More information at:
TOVAR Music Group:
ALPHA OMEGA Management: |

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