PAUL ALLENDER And Era Horrificus Productions Enter ALPHA OMEGA Management!


***BREAKING NEWS – May 21st, 2019***

ALPHA OMEGA Management is extremely delighted to announce PAUL ALLENDER (DiAmorte, White Empress, former Cradle of Filth) and his Era Horrificus Productions entering ALPHA OMEGA Team!

With Paul and Era Horrificus ALPHA OMEGA increments its services in the USA to guide bands and artists to their next level, or whatever they want from their music. Through this partnership ALPHA OMEGA Management will help worldwide many artists and musicians gain their full potential.

Watch Paul Allender’s statement on the signing, here:

ALPHA OMEGA’s General Manager, Alex Azzali adds:
“It’s our great pleasure to welcome Paul, an extraordinary musician with real world skills. An experience developed through many years of militancy in the music business playing in amazing bands. We are all extremely focused in artists development and we share a common vision about how to push things nowdays where everything is changing continuously and we share that with our bands. One more powerful weapon joins Alpha Omega Management.”

More information at:
ALPHA OMEGA Management: |

More on Paul Allender:

“I started my music career with Cradle of Filth and was the main songwriter for many years. I paid very close attention to how the industry around me functioned and learnt what to do and not what to do for success. During this time I have been Grammy-nominated and have an entry in the British Guinness book of records for the first DVD single to enter the mainstream top 40 charts. Although Cradle was my main focus I have also recorded and released albums with various other bands, this totals to a 12+ album discography.

During this time I have released a Paul Allender PRS signature guitar series which sold incredibly well and have published music on tv shows SOA, Sleepy Hollow, The Bold and the Beautiful and the film Resident Evil. I’m now with the band DiAmorte as a fulltime member and a visionary partner for the opera production which is very exciting indeed.

I took a break from the music Industry to pursue a degree in Cybersecurity and Digital forensics. After a few years of study I decided I didn’t want to sit behind a desk, this led me to get back into music again. After receiving such a warm and positive response from everyone I decided to start Era Horrificus Productions. Era Horrificus is a mentoring/consulting business that guides bands and artists to their next level, or whatever they want from their music. I’m very proud to be part of Alpha Omega family and together I know we can help many artists and musicians gain their full potential.”

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